E1M1: Hangar is the very first level of Knee-Deep in the Dead and the game. Designed by John Romero and uses the music track "At Doom's Gate", and the par time is 30 seconds.


From the start point, continue forward, turn right, until you come to a door that leads to a computer room. Go to the east, you emerge into a zig-zag room, continue forward, go through the door, then the exit door, then press the exit switch.

There are 3 secrets:

  1. Near the penultimate door, there is a brown wall to the right that is actually another door. It has a tunnel containing a medikit, box of bullets and box of shells. The tunnel takes you to a courtyard containing a megaarmor, which from the start point you can actually see the courtyard from one of the windows.
  2. After entering the penultimate room, return to the zig-zag room. The platform with the Imp(s) has now been lowered, revealing a small room containing a medikit and the shotgun.
  3. When you cross the two torches near the zig-zag room, a secret lift in secret #2 will have lowered, taking you to a passage containing several armor bonuses and a box of shells. There is actually a false wall at the end, where it is pretty obvious from the outside due to the different look of the same texture.

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